New travel show features Zach Anner, host with cerebral palsy

Earlier this year, Oprah’s OWN television network ran a contest soliciting video entries for hosts of a new television show. The contest earned 143 million votes and a multitude of entires, but one in particular went viral. Zack Anner, a Texas native with cerebral palsy submitted a wacky, light hearted video pitching a show about travel with his condition. His video was a mixture of self-deprecation, clever production and genuine, happy hosting, and as a result the votes poured in.

Not surprisingly, Mr. Anner won the competition, and his show, Rollin With Zach went into production. The OWN network just released a trailer of the series which features the host traveling across the United States covering the nation from a local’s perspective. At large, the new travel show beings on the Oprah Network this week. The first episode airs Monday, December 12 from 8:00 – 9:00 p.m. ET/PT.

If you want to check out the initial audition video, read on below.