A Flickr user’s glimpse into Spain

Photo sets of Spain aren’t difficult to come by, but some of them certainly seem worth sharing more than others. I recently came across this photo set by Flickr user EfwEE. These 25 photos capture this user’s experience in Spain in 2007-2008. The photo set features shots of Pena Montanesa, an incredibly noticeable rocky outcrop of the Pre-Pyrenees. The photo set also documents the Pineta River, Red Rock Fall, Ordesa National Park, and more.

Photography is often times one of the greatest side effects of travel and simultaneously one of the greatest incentives for travel; photos tell a story of a destination to anyone able to listen. And for anyone interested enough to experience a place on their own, photos are continuing remnants from travel that cyclically persevere and inspire others. In other words, photography seems to effectively breed travel. Perhaps these photos will inspire you to visit Spain–they have inspired me.