Australia’s tallest external building walk opens January in the Gold Coast

Adventurous visitors to Australia‘s Gold Coast will be happy to hear about the area’s newest thrill: the SkyPoint Climb. Participants will walk the 298 external stairs of the residential Q1 tower and make their ascent 886 feet above sea level.

The SkyPoint Climb will be Australia’s highest external building walk and will feature the country’s only beachside Observation Deck. With 360 degree views of the city, beaches, and nearby mountains, this is one beautiful adventure.

Afraid of heights? Don’t worry, as climbers are equipped with a harness and static fall arrest line. There is also an inner hand rail and specially trained staff to help deal with any cases of Acrophobia.

Right now, you can purchase tickets for the SkyPoint Climb through their website for January 15, 2012, and on. An adult ticket is $21 while a children’s ticket is $12.50. Family tickets can also be purchased at $54.50.