Luxury Vacation Guide 2012: Caviar in the surf

No Luxury Vacation Guide would be complete without a nod to cruise vacations. But there are cruises and then there are luxury cruise vacations. Seabourn sails a fleet of small yacht-like ships to exotic destinations around the world. On board, passengers are pampered with fine cuisine, luxury suite accommodations and the highest crew to passenger ratio in the cruise business. That allows for personal attention like no other line can provide and special events exclusive to Seabourn.

One of those special events is called Caviar in the Surf where passengers are taken ashore for a day of fun and sun on a private beach. About half-way through the day, a siren is heard in the distance, signaling the arrival of fine champagne and caviar via speedboat from the Seabourn ship anchored not far from shore.

On arrival, passengers wade into the surf, waist-deep in warm Caribbean waters, to enjoy the ship’s best caviar and French champagne. It’s a signature event unique to Seabourn that draws a crowd whenever they do it.

The event is followed closely by a beach barbecue featuring grilled fresh lobster, steaks and a variety of accompaniments while the champagne continues to flow.

Full bar service, beach sports and activities ranging from kayaks to water skiing are all included in the fun day and a local band is usually playing throughout the event.

Luxury does come at a price though with fares starting at $2799 per person for a seven-day Caribbean sailing. Still, luxury cruising is gaining in popularity as almost everything is included in the price. Even the caviar and champagne.

[flickr image via GeishaBoy500]