A collection of the world’s best street artists

One of the best things about discovering a new destination is in the life of the street. Our features editor Don George is famously good at reflecting on the cafe culture across the planet, and the simple act of walking through the city can impart loads of culture onto a traveler.

Street performers, or buskers, could perhaps be the diplomats of city culture, bring new forms of local art to the always-curious visitor. Whether this is the accordion player on the Paris subway or the acrobats on Barcelona’s Las Ramblas, the visual art that we experience tends to stick to a destination, and there’s a great deal of emotion tied to many of the performances. In appreciation of the art, the team at Gadling Labs thus rounded up a few of our favorite street performers to display for the world.

Got a favorite of your own? Post it in the comments.

Soccer player Iya Traore performs amazing soccer stunts overlooking the sprawling beauty of Paris. Check out more at IyaTraore.com

We don’t know much about this other performer from the city of lights, but his amazing ability to keep his head immobile as his body moves erratically warrants a mention on Gadling

This skeleton marionette in Barcelona dances better than most people we know.

Cigo Man Band is a one man band that performs on the streets of Italy with an eclectic outfit and a surprisingly catchy tune. You can learn more about this spectacle at Gianmaria Zanotti’s Facebook page.

Chilean artist Fabian Gaete Maureira’s paints the detailed landscape portraits of trees, mountains and waterfalls with just the tips of his fingers in less than three minutes in this amazing YouTube video first found on reddit. Read more at Huffington Post Arts.

Sure, it might not be “en masse,” but this Mexico City man knows how to make his one-man routine work like a full-on boy band. Read more at Gadling.