Gadling gear review: Bogs Jamison Boots

When packing for a trip, one of the most important decisions we make is what shoes to bring along. Usually we know that we’re going to be busy, and on our feet a lot, so comfort is always a consideration, but versatility doesn’t hurt either – especially if you prefer to travel light. That’s why the Jamison boots from Bogs are such a great choice for active travelers, as they manage to be stylish and comfortable, while providing plenty of protection from the elements, at the same time.

Bogs has built its reputation by designing boots that are rugged and tough, which has made them a favorite in workplaces ranging from farms to construction sites. But the Jamison is one of their first attempts at creating a hiking shoe, and in that arena I feel they get mixed marks. While these boots are more than capable on the trail, I believe there are better options out there from companies that specialize in hiking boot, as these felt a bit heavy and cumbersome while on extended hikes.

That said, the Jamison boot brings a lot to the table that does make them easy to recommend for travelers. As noted several times already, they are quite comfortable to wear, even over an extended period of time. They’re also completely waterproof, which comes in handy whether you’re caught in a sudden rainstorm or visiting a destination well known for its inclement weather. These shoes also happen to be plenty warm as well, which make them an ideal choice for cold weather adventures. But be warned, I did find them to be almost too warm at times, although I fully admit that my feet tend to run hot anyway.

While putting the Jamison boots through their paces, I was impressed with how well they handled the wear and tear of regular, day-to-day use. While it took very little time to get through the initial break in phase, my pair continues to look like I just took them out of the box. This speaks volumes about the build quality of these shoes, which seem like they’ll be accompanying me on my travels for years to come.
I was also impressed with how these boots continually provided sure footing, even on wet or uneven terrain. While I mentioned above that they wouldn’t necessarily be my first choice for a hiking shoe, they are still a good option for short day hikes, handling rock, mud, and snow with equal aplomb. That means they’ll be even more stable when worn around town, and they actually look good at the same time.

When I travel, I almost never take more than two pairs of shoes with me on any given trip. I prefer my footwear to be multi-functional, which is part of the reason I ended up liking the Jamison boot so much. I think they make an excellent travel shoe for anyone that values a solid mix of comfort and versatility. Bogs has designed a shoe that is quite adept at protecting our feet from the elements – something that can’t be overstated – while still looking good at the same time. What more could you ask for out of a travel shoe? How about a great price too? The Jamison boots cost just $108, making them a great value as well.