Flight attendant pranks passenger by hiding inside of overhead bin

Ever had a flight attendant surprise you from inside of a closed overhead bin? You may have if you were flying on Southwest Airlines. Twitter user Holly McNamara (@hollymac) captured a photo and video this evening of a flight attendant pranking a boarding passenger by hiding inside of an overhead bin and closing the lid. When the unknowing passenger opens the bin there’s a noticeable stutter — then he tries to close the bin again in confusion.

Southwest is known for its casual work environment and excellent relationship with its employees, which is why this particular flight attendant probably felt comfortable pulling off the prank. A video showing a rapping flight attendant on the same airline was was widely circulated back in 2009, and has since gathered hundreds of thousands of hits on Youtube.

As for this incident, Ms. McNamara reports that the prank was pulled off on a layover in LAX en route to Las Vegas. In the name of good fun, we tip our hats to the flight crew and the passengers who could take a good joke. Just don’t tell Boeing that anyone is hiding in their overhead bins.

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