The graffiti art of Buenos Aires, Argentina, in photos

Buenos Aires, Argentina, is well known for its booming arts scene. One way to experience the creative side of the city while also getting to enjoy the beautiful weather and outdoor scenery is through the myriad works of graffiti art that adorn the various neighborhoods.

Although many people may think of graffiti as dirty, ugly, or associated with vandalism, Buenos Aires is actually home to some of the most beautiful graffiti in the world, created by actual artists. One group that works to promote street art in the city is graffitimundo, an organization that works with local artists to create tours of the urban arts scene. When discussing their beginnings and mission in 2009, they state, “We wanted to connect people with the art and artists of this unique movement, and highlight the cultural and historical context of the scene.”

For more information on tours with graffitimundo, click here. And to get a glimpse of the graffiti-ladden city yourself, check out the gallery below.