Exploring the marine life of Madagascar

While many people may think of DreamWorks’ animal cartoon movie when they hear about Madagascar, there are many reasons the destination warrants a visit in person. The country of Madagascar is actually a large island off the eastern coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean. Because of it’s unique location and climate, the area is home to an array of interesting and colorful diving opportunities.

First of all there is Nosy Tanikely Nature Reserve and National Marine Reserve, located on the very small island of Tanikely that has three very different and distinct reefs, each ranging from 5-18 feet in depth. Here you will find marine life like sea turtles and Leopard Sharks. There is also Nosy Be island, which literally means “big island”. Dive sites here range from about 15 feet to 150 feet and feature myriad varieties of hard and soft corals as well as underwater animals.

The best time to visit is from the end of March up until the very end of December, as January-March is the rainy season, and February is their Hurricane season. In Madagascar, December is considered to be summer and is very hot, while June and July give the country a very warm (about 79 degrees Fahrenheit) and dry winter, making this the perfect time visibility-wise for scuba diving.

To get an idea of the scuba diving experience in Madagascar for yourself, check out the gallery below.