Black buns on a Star Wars-themed burger in France

Whether or not you’re a fan of Star Wars hardly matters when we’re talking about the newest additions to the burger line at France‘s fast-food chain, ‘Quick’–black buns on a Star Wars-themed burger, anyone? The ‘Jedi Burger’ and ‘Darth Vader Burger’ are now on the menu at the restaurant. And as processed as fast-food typically is, the pitch-black buns on the Darth Vader are what I would call a new low in the world of fast-food. Would you eat this? Perhaps I’d try it for the experience alone, but the older I get, the less I want to do gross things just to do them–and black buns on a fast-food burger don’t quite seem non-regrettable to me. With that said, I will try just about anything once. What are your thoughts? Of all the things to eat in France, should this be one of them?