Untouched Italy: Exploring Basilicata through a dream

While many people go to Italy to explore the wonderful cities of Rome, Florence, Venice, and Milan, there many off-the-radar areas also worth discovering. One of these regions is Basilicata, which Seattle, Washington, filmmaker Matthew Brown captures in this video. The project was part of a Digital Diary competition put on by the Italy Tourism Board, and ended up winning the Grand Prize. What’s really great about this video is that it doesn’t just take you on a tour of Italy, but instead tells a story as if the narrator has “awoke in a dream”, which you can actually feel throughout the whole video. Meet the people, see the landscape and architecture, taste the food, and get to know the culture through creative filmmaking.

The video was shot with a 7D and edited with a Sony Vegas. Music is by Reid Willis and includes the songs “Parachute” and “My sincerity”.