Adventure travel with a purpose in Israel’s Negev Desert

Travel can be such an incredible, life altering, experience, both for us, and the people that we interact with on our journeys. But seldom is that more clearly defined than in the case of an upcoming special trip from an organization called Bustan, which works closely with indigenous Bedouin tribes of the Negev Desert, a rocky, arid region located in southern Israel.

Starting in March, Bustan is launching a five-month long project in the Negev that will be a unique and intensive mix of education, cultural immersion, and desert adventure. Over the course of the time spent there, those joining the expedition will get the opportunity to live with the Bedouin people, while learning about their way of life and picking up practical skills on how to live simply and sustainably with the desert. They’ll also gain extensive knowledge of the history of the Middle East, while also sharpening their Arabic language skills and discovering the unique landscapes of the Negev Desert.

But this journey also has a larger purpose as well. Participants will be living in the village of Qasar A Sir, which remains without many basic amenities that most of us take for granted, such as running water, electricity, or a sewer system. While there, travelers will be a part of Bustan’s permaculture and sustainability program, which will help to create a more permanent community for the Bedouin people. They’ll learn eco-building techniques, help create water harvesting systems, basic waste management facilities, organic gardens, and more permanent structures, all under the supervision of a team of educators who specialize in desert culture.

The cost for joining the trip has still not been posted on the Bustan website, but you’ll find a lot more information about this opportunity by clicking here. This is one of those unique opportunities where you know before you go that you’ll be a part of something that can truly impact the lives of those living in the place you visit.

[Photo courtesy Free Israel Photos via WikiMedia]