Disaster vehicle allows travel to remote locations

When a natural disaster strikes at remote locations around the world, first-responders, relief workers and businesses with operations in the area are challenged to be at the right place at the right time. Earthquakes, tsunamis and other weather-related events can crumble infrastructure, complicating transportation. Now, American ingenuity has come up with a new amphibious vehicle that can travel easily on land and water and is capable of many uses, including military and rescue roles.

“Natural disasters in recent memory, such as the earthquake and tsunamis in Japan, Thailand, Sri Lanka and elsewhere in Asia; as well as the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, illustrate the need for amphibians,” said Gibbs’ Chairman, Neil Jenkins.

Gibbs Amphibians, an Auburn Hills, Michigan company,has a new pair of high-speed amphitrucks called the Phibian and Humdinga. Both vehicles are designed to work both on- and off-road, can transport many passengers, are useful for military use and first responders and are configurable to meet varying sets of specifications.

Each come equipped with easy adjustments between cargo and passenger spaces, allow speeds of up to 30 mph in water and highway speeds on land and have retractable wheels allowing transition to and from water with the push of a button in 10 seconds.

“Phibian and Humdinga deliver a revolutionary and highly effective solution to the growing demands placed on today’s transport, first responder and military communities,” said Jenkins.

Gibbs High Speed Amphibious Technology will soon be made available to consumer applications and markets worldwide, making the vehicles a wish-list item for adventure travelers as well.

Better yet for adventure travelers, Gibbs Quadski is a high-powered, fully functional quad-bike that converts to a jet ski with a top speed of 45 mph on both land and water.

Photos- Gibbs Technologies