House Oversight Committee requests feedback on TSA

Public acceptance of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and its somewhat dubious methodologies has always been tenuous among the American public. Some feel that the technology they use is the only way to keep American travelers safe. Others feel that their power and influence reaches too far. In either case, there’s lots to say, and for once, congress appears to be listening.

On next Monday, the 26th of March, the House Oversight Committee is convening a hearing on the TSA and their recent operations. Led by Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa, the meeting plans to investigate “program challenges and failures,” no doubt including recent efforts with Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT) — or 3d scanners — and other questionable measures in place.

As part of the initiative, the committee is soliciting stories via its Facebook wall for discussion during the meeting. This is a great opportunity for those with praise or complaints about the agency to voice their opinions. Even if the comments don’t get read, the sheer volume of feedback from users should provide some insight for the group. Check out the Facebook page here and leave a message — your feedback could help shape security in this country for good.