Recycled Canvas Airsickness Bags Answer Fliers’ Eco-friendly Demands

Airsickness bags have long provided a comfort and security for nauseated travelers.
Catering to those for whom turbulent airflow inspires gag flow, the easy-access (and decorative), paper bags are available beneath most airplane seat trays ready to conceal even the worst bile deposits of pukey-passengers – but at what cost to the environment?

Enter new, eco-conscious company Up, Up and UpChuck, which plans to roll out environmentally friendly canvas bags to aid air-sensitive fliers. The Upchuck airsickness bags follow suit amongst green companies switching from paper to canvas. “It was an obvious move,” says Founder and CEO Ronald Pearson in a release. “Clothes stores and grocery stores are banning paper and plastic bags to better the environment and it seems only right to answer this noble consumer demand in the air as well.”

The reusable Upchuck airsickness bags are made from 100 percent recycled cotton canvas and offer reinforced flat bottoms with overlapping seams. With nanotech-treated fibers, the material resists absorption as does any queasy traveler’s stomach lining. Designers have even partnered with Up, Up and UpChuck to offer on-trend totes for chunks (the 2012 debut line features graphics by Ed Hardy and Zac Posen).

There are a few hiccups (and belches) in the UpChuck release, however, as some early testers have noted the inconvenience of the canvas airsickness bags being labeled “dry clean only.”

“Our eco-minded passengers have different priorities,” counters Pearson. “We are hoping our customers will adopt new mottos — ‘fly clean only’ and ‘fly green only.'”

Look for the airsickness canvas bags in airports at the end of this month.

[Flickr image via gthills]