Gadling Gear Review: Cushe Wildrun Shoes For Women

Aching dogs are my biggest complaint after a long day out exploring. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to have the right pair of shoes when you’re traveling. I will not (I don’t care what anyone says) sacrifice comfort for fashion when it comes to footwear — though really, with my personal, uh, style, that is not an issue.

Good shoes for travel matter a LOT and you should pick yours carefully and err on the side of comfort if you must choose. I’ve been wandering about in a pair of Wildrun shoes by Cushe and my dogs, they’re liking it. They’ve also passed the airport test and are cute enough that I wore them with nice trousers for an office appearance without getting the stink eye. (Caveat: It helps that I’m from Seattle. Everyone expects us to always look like we just got back from the summit of Mount Rainier.)

What do I mean by “the airport test?” I mean they’re easy to get in and out of at the security checkpoint. They’re lace-ups, but they’re a hybrid of a lace-up and a slip-on, meaning you don’t have to untie them to get in and out of them. There’s a quick release gripper on the ties so if you need to cinch them down you can. But the shoes are also stretchy so you can slip them on and off quite easily.

I spent a 24-hour trip to LA in these shoes and they stayed comfortable for the entire trip — which included a shocking amount of walking for LA. It’s because they’ve got a memory foam insole. It’s really spongy and soft. My feet felt great after roaming the sidewalks of Westwood (and I’ve been walking downtown Seattle in them, too).

The uppers are a combination of Neoprene (Cushe says it’s EVA) and leather. I can’t speak for their breathability; I’ve not been in hot places with them on my feet, but they’re great in foul weather. They’d make a good beachcombing shoe if you’re not worried about getting a little damp around the edges, and you can use them in a pinch as a hiker or a runner — the sturdy Vibram sole means they’re grippy and supportive.

And hey, bonus: I like them. They’re kinda cute. They come in a nice weathered brown; I got the black. They fall under what I call “good enough” for casual, cleaned-up wear, meaning I’d wear them with a skirt or a nice pair of pants and could probably get away with it — they don’t look like running shoes or sneakers.

Sorry, guys. I looked; Cushe has some other styles but I don’t see a direct analogy to this in the men’s line. Ladies, get a pair directly from Cushe, they’re $105. These plus a dressier pair of something strappy, and you are set for almost anything.