Airline Madness Champion: Obese Passengers Who Take Up Two Seats

Airline Madness is Gadling’s tournament of airline annoyances. You can catch up on all of the previous tournament action here.

Obese passengers who take up two seats has won our Airline Madness tournament. After last year’s Hotel Madness tournament was completely dominated by the #1 seed, it’s shocking to see this Airline Madness won by the #13 seed. It just goes to show that you never know what to expect when things are put to a vote. Obese passengers who take up two seats garnered a shocking number of votes from Gadling readers in every round of the tournament. Even in the championship round, #2 seed Legroom struggled to secure even 40% of the vote. Our readers, it turns out, do not like to share their space.When we first put out a call for airline pet peeve submissions on Twitter and Facebook, heavy passengers were frequently mentioned, though not nearly as often those that would ultimately be given the higher seeded annoyances in our tournament. That’s how we arrived at the #13 seed for the eventual – and unexpected – champion. We had no idea at the time that readers would vote in droves for the Cinderella of the tournament.

We fully anticipated voters to be motivated by their wallets. Shockingly, however, an overwhelming majority of our readers voted for Obese passengers who take up two seats in the first round against Baggage fees. We knew then that readers from across the globe shared this opinion. Little did we know that voters would continue the trend all the way through the tournament.

Now, it should be noted that some of the blame for the phenomenon on planes must be placed on the airlines. They have made their seats smaller and smaller over the years. So much so, that even average-sized travelers struggle to fit comfortably. That, of course, explains how Legroom made it to the finals. And, as any traveler with broad shoulders will tell you, rubbing shoulders with the passenger next to you is fairly common. So, heavier passengers are not solely to blame for the cramped quarters on planes.

That said, voters in our polls expressed that they do not like giving up their space. Outside of paying more for a business or first-class seat, we’re stuck with the economy cabin seats offered by the airlines. The airlines dictate the size of those seats. And our readers have said that they do not want anyone infringing on that small portion of the airplane that they get to call their own.

Another Travel Madness tournament in the books. What a wild ride this year’s run has been. An unexpected champion, an amazing number of votes and some fantastic feedback from our readers. Thanks to everyone who voted in all of the polls.

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