Australian Billionaire To Build Titanic II

An Australian business man announced plans to build a replica of the Titanic this morning, with all the luxuries of the former ship but none of the design flaws. Calling the ship the “Titanic II,” Clive Palmer has enlisted the help of a Chinese shipyard to manage construction. His company, Blue Star Line Pty Ltd plans to make the maiden voyage some time in 2016.

As to whether the ship will be as seaworthy as the original vessel, Mr. Palmer stated that the Titanic II will have the same aesthetic as the historical ship but will be updated with modern sailing technology and a more robust design. Hopefully that reassurance will allay any fears about the ship suffering a similar fate as its predecessor.

In addition to the design updates, the Chinese navy has apparently agreed to escort the ship on its maiden voyage between Europe and the United States, though it’s unclear whether that’s for fanfare or protection.

For more details on the announcement check out a full report from the Sydney Morning Herald.

[flickr image via artshooter]