Popular Guidebooks Go Digital

Frommer’s has a new series of guidebooks out. Nothing new there; that’s what they do. Unique to Frommer’s new “Day by Day” series though is that they are digital guides, which allow users to search, bookmark and navigate through the content easily.

Enabled by Inkling (the interactive textbook people), the Frommer’s “Day by Day” digital books retail between $10 and $15, and are available as individual apps or within Inkling’s app. Travelers can purchase them once to use them on both their iPhone and iPad. They contain hundreds of maps and thousands of Retina Display-ready photos, which makes it easy to plan upcoming trips on the new iPad.

Said to be far more useful than paper guidebooks, the new Frommer’s digital books contain both indoor maps for locations like museums, as well as outdoor maps that point to interesting destinations in their respective locations.

Also unique is a crowd-sourcing function that brings some of the social elements from sites like TripAdvisor on top of Frommer’s professional travel guide data.

Frommer’s “Day by Day” paper pocket guides have been popular with travelers for years. Odds are “Day by Day” digital will be too.

[Flickr photo by Let Ideas Compete]