The Newest Innovation In Snorkeling: The Powerbreather

powerbreather When traveling to tropical regions, I love snorkeling and seeing the unique marine life. However, one thing I hate is how I can never seem to perfectly place the snorkel tube as to not get water in my mouth. Luckily, a new product called the Powerbreather has been designed to fix this.

Tagged as the “future in swimming,” the Powerbreather is a ring shaped, elastic snorkel that wraps around the head. What’s unique about the design is that you actually breathe through a hole in the back of your head, fully exhaling through a check valve. The fresh air you’ll breath will leave you with more energy, and you won’t have to deal with ingesting tons of salt water.

While the product hasn’t been released yet, it is patented worldwide, and will most likely hit the market very soon. For more information, you can use this contact form to reach Powerbreather directly.