Luxury Travel: Go ‘Glamping’ In NYC

Want to get your glamp on? We at Gadling have had our fair share of fun with the term “glamping” and its addition to the travel lexicon, although we’ll admit that our experience actually practicing the technique last summer was quite fun.

But now, travelers don’t have to head to Adirondaks or Montana to camp, luxe style. AKA New York is launching the second “season” of its “Sleep Under the Stars” experience, where travelers can “glamp” on the hotel’s rooftop between now and Labor Day.

Set on the 17th floor, the 1,000-square-foot wraparound terrace will be home to a plush queen-size bed set in front of a wood-burning fireplace, complete with:

  • Cocktails using A Vod, AKA’s signature vodka
  • Midnight snacks of gourmet Jacque Torres s’mores, cheese and crackers, strawberries and Champagne
  • High tech flashlight and camping lantern
  • Outdoor mood music and scented candles to enhance the “celestial ambiance”
  • State-of-the-art telescope for stargazing
  • Nook Simple Touch e-reader loaded with campfire stories
  • 42-inch plasma screen TV and DVD player with a selection of classic black and white movies
  • Breakfast with coffee or tea at

We note it does not come with earplugs for the city noise below but, at $1,999 a night, we’re pretty sure you can request them.