Gadling Gear Review: Looptworks Laptop Sleeves

Looptworks Shan Laptop SleeveI slide my laptop into the outside pocket of my roll-aboard bag. I can never decide if this is ideal. I want there to be a bit more padding to absorb the crush of knocking up against seats in the aisle – or to protect it from the massive game of overhead bin Tetris. So far, so good, and the laptop seems to be doing okay.

I also want to throw it in my day pack sometimes. I have two day packs that have a sleeve especially for my laptop, but sometimes I want a different bag. This is where a protective sleeve really comes in handy – for in my bike bags or an overnight duffel.

Looptworks makes laptop sleeves (and some other accessories) from neoprene scrap – that stuff that wet suits are made of. They’re spongy and cute and add a little extra padding to keep your electronics contained and safe. I like the bright colors and the surface stitching as well as the contrasting details. Also, they’re cute. The Shan Envelope comes in either 10- or 13-inch sizes and has a magnetic closure on the flap. It holds your laptop and while your mileage may vary, I was able to get my power supply in there too. It’s nice to have that stuff contained.

Looptworks has a recycled materials message underlying their products and they market themselves – it’s on the product tag – as a Portland, Oregon, company. But my laptop sleeve says on it, very clearly “Made in China.” I went looking to see if they address this on their website and they do:

Where Do You Make Your Products? Do You Use Local Factories?

Our products are made in Indonesia, Malaysia, India and soon to be China and Peru.


That’s where all the excess is. American and European producers have been going to Asia for a long time to make stuff as cheaply as possible without regard to environmental impact. LooptWorks is stepping in for cleanup. We feel that it’s our responsibility to follow the waste stream and clean up wherever we can.

That’s not to say that we don’t believe in lowering a carbon footprint by buying things made locally. We do. We are actively exploring ways to shift our activities toward regional production. Locally made products should be available in all parts of the world. It’s the next step for LooptWorks.

I’m not totally sold, but at least they answered the question.

The Looptworks Shan Laptop sleeve sells for $30.