Take A ‘Brave’ Adventure With Disney

On Friday of this week, “Brave,” the next big animated film from Disney and Pixar, hits theaters. Set against the lush and sprawling landscapes of Scotland, the movie introduces audiences to Merida, a plucky and headstrong princess who longs to live a life of adventure. When Merida defies Scottish custom to pursue her own path, she unwittingly brings a curse down upon her kingdom. Armed with her trusty bow, sharp wits and a single wish, she must work to undo the chaos that she has let loose.

Merida’s big screen exploits will no doubt inspire more than a few members of the audience to want to visit Scotland for themselves. Fortunately Disney can help with that as well, as their travel experts at Adventures by Disney have worked closely with filmmakers to custom build an itinerary based around the movie. The result is a fantastic mix of history, culture and physical activity designed to engage travelers of all ages.

The nine-day, eight-night tour includes visits to ancient villages, castles and other locations that inspired animators working on the film. Those places include the Black House of Arnol, which was the basis for the Witch’s cottage, and Dunnottar Castle, which bears a striking resemblance to Merida’s family home. They’ll even get a private tour of Edinburgh Castle, which is seldom open to the public.

One of the hallmarks of any Adventures by Disney tour are the unique activities the itineraries offer. On this particular trip travelers will have the opportunity to go horseback riding across the Scottish countryside, mountain bike through the Highlands and shoot a bow and arrow just like Merida. They’ll also go canoeing (and perhaps monster spotting!) on the world famous Loch Ness and take lessons in Celtic music and dancing too.

Scotland: A Brave Adventure is just one of numerous itineraries that Adventures By Disney has to offer. The company organizes tours to Europe, North and South America, Asia, Africa and Australia. For a full list of their family friendly escapes, click here.

[Image courtesy of Disney]