Dubrovnik Summer Festival Just One Reason To Visit Croatia

Each year, the summer festival in Dubrovnik, Croatia, brings visitors from around the world for theatre, ballet, classical music and opera. We were a bit too early for the festival but stopped by some favorite Dubrovnik places this week that are good to visit any time of the year.

In “old town,” the walled city that protected local residents from harm via ocean for centuries, visitors find a major attraction in Dubrovnik. Farmers and local merchants present their wares today much like they have for hundreds of years.

A common first stop in Dubrovnik’s walled city is any one of a number of sidewalk cafés that feature beverages and fresh baked goods served alongside a hefty dose of people watching.

Shopping here is diverse, offering touristy souvenirs alongside fresh produce, seafood, grocery items and clothing. This is about as close to a shopping mall it gets in Dubrovnik.

Right on the ocean, Dubrovnik is home to many seagoing vessels ranging in size from personal watercraft to multi-family, yacht-sized ships.

A favorite restaurant just outside of the walled city is Sesame. It’s been family owned and operated since the 1800s and is a great place to spend a lazy summer afternoon

The oldest cultural festival in Croatia, the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, takes place from July 10 through August 25.


[Photos: Chris Owen]