Foods To Avoid Before Getting On A Flight

One serious problem for travelers flying on airplanes is Jet Bloating. No, I did not make that term up. It’s used to refer to the burping and bloating caused by gases that expand the stomach at high altitude.

The main culprit of the ailment is certain foods that lead to water retention and indigestion. Some obvious foods and drinks to avoid include broccoli, beans, salty snacks and carbonated drinks. However, there are some less apparent fare that fliers shouldn’t be eating as well, such as bread, fois gras, peaches and fried cuisine.

Jet Bloating is no laughing matter. Along with making you the least liked person on the plane, it can also disturb the flight itself. In 2006, a US domestic airline was forced to land early after passengers complained of a weird odor in the bathroom. It turned out the smell was from a spent match, which a passenger had lit to disguise an unpleasant stomach issue.

So, what should you eat before and while flying? Green tea, bananas, berries, pineapple, onions, garlic, turmeric and potatoes all help to aid digestion. Additionally, celery can calm your nerves, while whole cereal grains and leafy greens reduce stress. Ginger is also excellent, although make sure to order a flat soda if you go the ginger ale route.

[image via spencer341b]