A Hotel In The Back Of A Truck

Taking budget-chic to a new level, this Scotland-based “truck-o-tel” has some unique amenities for those looking to take car camping for a test run.

Inverness-shire-based owner Walter Micklethwait turned his 1950s Commer Q4 into a moving hotel of sorts, complete with beds, chairs, a gas stove and a cabinet. The adjustments, he says, cost him £1400, and the hotel is dubbed the Beer Moth, for reasons, which we do not know.

The truck was formerly displayed in its original state in the Manston Fire Museum in Kent. Micklethwait raised the roof, added an oak parquet floor rescued from a Tudor mansion, a double Victorian bed, added snooker table slate to make a heart and put in a fire escape for a staircase.

He charges £450 per week for the accommodations.

What do you say, would you rent the Beer Moth for a week? You can book it via the reservations team at Inshriachhouse if you so desire.