10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Olympics

olympics The 2012 Olympics are quickly approaching and people from all over the world are making travel plans to go see The Games in person. While most people know the event takes place July 27 to August 12, and that the location for this year is London, there are a lot of facts about the Olympics that people do not know. To help people get to know the quirkier side of the event, My Destination has created a fun infographic.

Did you know at 62.7 meters, the Olympics stadium is 1.5 times taller than Rio de Janeiro‘s “Christ The Redeemer” statue? Or that the logo for the 2012 Olympics cost £400,000 to create, the same price it would be to adopt a panda in China for 365 years? These are just some of the fun facts you’ll learn from the infographic.

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The Olympics and the World - an Olympic inspired infographic from My Destination

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