Un-Cruise Goes Un-Structured In Mexico

American Safari Cruises
operates a fleet of small “Un-Cruise” yachts in Alaska, Hawaii and Mexico, offering a different kind of cruise vacation geared towards adventure travelers. This winter, American Safari will have refurbished the 86-guest yacht Safari Endeavour in Mexico’s Sea of Cortés. Offering travelers their own “Un-Cruise Adventure,” American Safari allows travelers up-close access to nature, wildlife and exclusive excursions in a flexible and unique way no big cruise ship can touch.

The unstructured (as in not all that much planned) itinerary explores areas such as Isla Espíritu Santo, Isla San Francisco, Bahia Agua Verde, Los Islotes and Loreto. The relatively unknown and never-sailed-to-by-big-cruise-ships Sea of Cortés, a UNESCO World Heritage Site & Biosphere Reserve, rivals the pristine environment and geo/biological diversity of the Galapagos.With no strict timetable to follow, American Safari guests will check out dolphins along with blue, fin, sei, orca and sperm whales or enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime adventure snorkeling with sea lions, all at their own pace.

Adventure travelers will like that activities include hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding, snorkeling and skiff excursions. A swim, step and kayak launch platform on the stern of the Safari Endeavour serves as the hub for guests embarking on water-borne adventures.

Called “Baja’s Bounty” expeditions, the week-long un-cruise sailings run round trip from La Paz, Baja, in Mexico from November through April 2013.

Flickr photo by twintermute