Beatles Fans Can Now Sleep In A Real Yellow Submarine Hotel

Have you ever listened to the hit Beatles song and dreamed of spending the night in an actual “yellow submarine”? Now you can, with the newest quirky accommodation in Liverpool.

Aptly situated in the home of the Fab Four, the floating submarine hotel is painted to resemble the vessel from the cover of the “Yellow Submarine” record. According to the Daily Mail, the hotel floats on a mooring in Albert Dock and comes complete with 3D televisions, Wi-Fi, computers, a trippy lounge and a skateboard from the film set of “Quadrophenia.”

The man behind the ingenious idea is Mr. Alfie Bubbles, whose last project was designing a Batman-themed moat hotel. When it became successful, Mr. Bubbles realized the potential of floating accommodations. After deciding on the theme for the submarine hotel, he spent nine months searching for ’60s-inspired accents for the rooms. Additionally, he was able to acquire the same boat used in Sean Connery’s “The Hunt For Red October.”

Mr. Bubbles hopes his next floating ventures will include hotels with “Titanic” and “Pirates of the Caribbean” themes.

So, how much does it cost to sleep in the yellow submarine hotel? Monday through Thursday, expect to pay about $232 per night. From Friday through Sunday, the price goes up to about $466 to $545 per night.

Would you pay to sleep in a floating submarine hotel?

[Image via Beatlesfan2]