The Future Of Hotels: Cyber Butlers

It seems like every service nowadays is going mobile. Apparently, that includes hotel hospitality, as well.

The Stamford Hotels and Resorts chain in Australia and New Zealand is giving guests the opportunity to customize their entire stay – from what food and drinks are waiting in their room to what time they will be woken up – via their smartphone. Designed based on customer feedback, the app tries to save guests time while enhancing their experience.

According to, by utilizing their new iGuest app, travelers can:

  • Listen to messages
  • Track bills
  • Set a “Do Not Disturb” option
  • Gain instant access to flight information
  • View contact numbers for airlines and embassies
  • Create travel itineraries including local attractions, restaurants and transportation options
  • Order chocolates, wine and other gifts to be waiting in the room before you arrive
  • Request restaurant vouchers

The program will soon be featured in all eight Stamford Hotels and Resorts properties.

Would you use a cyber butler service?

[Image via Big Stock]