Top 10 Reasons Couples Argue On Vacation

Planning a trip with your sweetie, but nervous about potential trouble in paradise? Online travel agency looked into the matter by surveying vacationing couples to figure out the top reasons lovers argued with each other on a trip.

For those who think their relationships are too strong to need to worry, the data shows differently. In fact, the study found over 75 percent of couples argue at least twice during a two-week trip. To help your relationship avoid becoming part of the statistic, read the following list and try to steer clear of these argument starters:

1. Men checking out other women at the pool or beach
2. Disagreements over activities
3. What to eat and where
4. Drinking too much
5. Driving and map reading
6. Packing
7. Women taking too long to get ready
8. Spending too much money
9. What time to get to the airport
10. Disagreements over currency

Have you and your partner ever had a disagreement while traveling?

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