Boston Hotel Evacuated After Suspected Drug Lab Discovery

When I think of places to hold my next meth lab, the Holiday Inn doesn’t exactly spring to the front of my mind, but apparently it did for one Peabody hotel guest. Police uncovered a suspected drug lab at a Boston area Holiday Inn in Peabody.

The suspected lab was discovered when a security guard noticed smoke coming out from under the door. “The security officers reported they saw a large amount of chemicals in the room, which was highly unusual,” Police Chief Bonaiuto told the Boston Herald. “They also said the person who rented the room had left the room and they did not know where he was. As a precaution the entire hotel was evacuated.”

All 190 guests of the hotel – including 25 children – were evacuated. At least one witness said that they were told the room was a potential meth lab, but police have not confirmed the nature of the chemicals or released information on the name of the person holding the hotel room.

“I can tell you there were numerous chemicals present in the room and it’s being followed up on by members of the Peabody police detectives unit,” the police chief was reported saying.