Air Asia Passenger Jumps From Moving Airplane

I guess some people need to think their travel plans through a little more carefully. On an Air Asia flight from Miri to Kuala Lumpur, a passenger decided he did not want to be on board anymore. He took matters into his own hands and actually opened the emergency exit door, jumping out of the airplane while it was taxiing on the runway.

According to, the drastic move caused panic among other fliers, and emergency procedures were activated.

“The raft automatically opened when the door was opened. The passengers inside the aircraft started screaming. The flight attendants immediately alerted the pilots and the plane was stopped in its track,” said passenger and Environment Department chief Siva Nathiran.

The plane was delayed for over an hour and the man, believed to be in his late 20s, was later arrested. While he was taken to the hospital, he did not suffer any injuries.

[photo via Deanster1983]