Travelers Will Pay More For Space, Peace and Quiet … But They Don’t Like It

What exactly are travelers willing to pay for? A lot, airlines have learned. Travel company GO Airport Express recently conducted a new survey that detailed what amenities matter most to travelers and which they are most willing to pay for.

At the top of the list was more legroom, at 48 percent, with Wi-Fi coming in second, at 33 percent.

Some respondents noted they would be willing to pay for amenities that used to be free, such as in-flight meals (21 percent); movies (9 percent) and pillows and blankets (5 percent).

At 13 percent, aisle seats beat out window seats, which were selected by just under 6 percent of respondents.

However, 17 percent of respondents said all the choices listed on the survey should be included in the airfare, with many expressing unhappiness over airlines charging for services that were once complimentary.

We’re shocked about this one … it seems like it should be higher.

Eleven percent said they’d like the option to submit seatmate preferences when traveling alone (these people have spent too much time on Facebook) and 9 percent would pay for larger overhead bins (Really? We’d vote to lower bag fees).

[Flickr via renehamburg]