What Really Happens With Those ‘Special Request’ Boxes On Hotel Reservations

We’ve written about hotels that go above and beyond in the service department before. A recent example from The Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island, comes to mind, where staffers went above and beyond in their return of a stuffed animal to a little boy.

Now Fairmont Winnipeg is getting in on the action, when a guest who requested “a pre-made pillow fort and Vanilla coke” found supplies for the fort and coupons for gratis Coca Cola in his room upon check-in, as well as snacks and a hand-written note from the guest services staff.

The guest happily posted his story to social media sharing site Imgur, along with photos of his blanket fortress. Of course, we’re also laughing that the note included instructions for a “DYI fort” (not a DIY one as intended), but it’s the thought that counts.

We’re also pretty sure that the snacks and free soda made up for having to construct the fort from scratch.

We’ve heard of wacky requests before, and this has to be one of the strangest (albeit the most fun). That said, we would have found this entire situation a bit more amusing if a parent had requested this for a child. The fact that an adult would huddle in a blanket fort is rather strange. Then again, the person in question writes a blog about infusing vodka with different candies. He probably isn’t your average guest.

That said, now we also know that Fairmont really is reading those “special room request” forms you can add to your reservations forms.

Kudos, Fairmont.

But here’s the real question, ladies and gentlemen: what is the strangest thing you’ve ever requested from a hotel?