Sleeping Man Found On Luggage Belt In Rome Airport

Airport security certainly sees some unusual items going through baggage screenings; however, the TSA at Rome’s Fiumicino Airport were recently shocked when the outline and internal organs of a sleeping man popped up on their X-Ray machine.

According to The Guardian, a 36-year-old Norwegian tourist was found fast asleep on the baggage conveyor belt in Terminal 3. He had spent about 25 minutes riding around, blissfully unaware of where he was. Unfortunately, waking up was not so pleasant as he is now facing charges for the unauthorized ride.

When found, the man appeared to have been drinking heavily. After dumping his bags on the luggage belt at an unoccupied check-in point, he had lay down and fallen asleep on the main belt. Thankfully, police say his impromptu journey was not a security risk.

“There is a security system – a sort of roll-up blind – which can only be opened by the member of staff who loads the baggage,” a police officer told Italian newspaper La Repubblica. “[The Norwegian] could have carried on going round the main belt but he could never have ended up in sensitive areas of the airport.”

[Image via MadEmoiselle Sugar]