Unique Accommodations: Yankee Ferry

Looking for unique accommodations in New York? How about a former Ellis Island ferryboat, re-imagined into a boho-glam five room “boatel.” Yankee Ferry is the brainchild of married artist couple Victoria and Richard Mackenzie-Childs, who renovated the ferry and now rent it by the room.

The ferry was originally put into operation in 1907 and has served, by turns, as a shuttle for the wealthy to Maine’s Calendar Islands, a WWI Navy vessel, and a ferryboat to Ellis Island, the Daily Mail reported.

The 16-bunk ferry technically has five bedrooms (but just one and one-half baths) and can be rented via Airbnb from $599 per night.

The stunning photos were captured by Navid Baraty (find him also on Facebook and Twitter) and depict a boho glam existence – complete with chickens roaming the deck.

Would you stay here?