Man Tries To Board Flight With Primate In His Pants

This is a Slender Loris. Ain’t he cute? Do you think he’s cute enough to put in your pants?

One man thought so, or at least thought this little guy was worth enough on the black market to put next to his own little guy. That’s right, Yahoo news reports a man was arrested trying to board a flight in New Delhi with this primate in his pants. Officials report it was actually inside his underwear. While it was only seven inches long, apparently it made a suspicious bulge.

The man and two accomplices were arrested for animal smuggling. They had already ditched another loris in a garbage can after they decided they couldn’t get him on the flight. Perhaps only one of them was desperate enough to go for the underwear option.

Remarkably, they had already taken one flight from Bangkok, and were headed to Dubai. It’s unclear whether the animals had been smuggled from Thailand or if they’d been picked up at the New Delhi airport. The loris is native to both countries.

There’s been a lot of this in recent years. In 2009, Norwegian officials nabbed a man with snakes and geckos strapped to his body. Last year, a bunch of smuggled cobras got loose on a train in Vietnam. Two women in England even tried to smuggle their dead relative onto a flight.

The smuggling of animals, many of them endangered, has become a big international business because of demand for them as food, pets and folk medicine. The professional smugglers are rarely caught, while amateurs who take desperate measures to make some quick illegal cash are the ones who get nabbed and laughed at.

[Photo courtesy Kalyan Varma]