Restaurant Lets Patrons ‘Dine’ Through Their Noses

While usually smelling delicious food is free of charge, the Juniper Kitchen & Wine Bar in Ottawa, Canada, is charging their guests for the pleasure. If you order from their “Le Whaf” menu, you’ll be served a tantalizing meal that you enjoy through your sense of smell.

According to Digital Trends, these dishes contain the ingredients you would find in the normal meal; however, they’re boiled and strained to extract the flavor. This is then poured into a unusual glass carafe that resembles a mini-Hoover vacuum, allowing the steam to concentrate and come out in a smoky cloud. Patrons sample these dishes by inhaling the steam through a straw, never putting a single bite into their mouth. Juniper claims it’s a gastronomic experience that helps diners curb cravings and consume fewer calories.

Apparently, the Le Whaf trend is already popular in Europe. Now, Chef Norman Aitken is bringing it to North America.

“When you’re smelling wine, same premise. Instead you’re going to smell it. You’re going to, essentially, inhale it leaving you with flavour on your sinus and palate,” Aitken told CBC Canada.

Don’t worry, the experience isn’t meant to replace actual eating, but to enhance the meal and help diners cut down on portion sizes. Le Whaf dishes come served on the side of your actual meal.

Would you order a Le Whaf meal?

[Image via kuwashima]