Austria Opens Its First Yodel Hiking Trail

When people think of Austria, one thing that often comes to mind is the musical style of yodeling that was developed in the Alps. The country is proud of their melodious heritage, and is helping active travelers experience it outside of the theater with their first ever Yodel Hiking Trail.

Recently opened by Castello Hotel and Restaurant owner Christian Eder, the trail sits high above Austria’s Zillertal Valley. According to BBC, it is “dedicated to the art of the yodel – the ancient form of alpine communication that is so deeply entwined with Austrian folk music.”

From the village of Königsleiten, a serene area often said to be a muse for aspiring yodellers, trekkers walk a short distance to a cable car that transports travellers to the top of Königsleitenspitze mountain. This is where the 4-mile Yodel Hiking Trail begins. Starting at 7,464 feet in elevation, the path descends at moderate intensity. Along the way, there are five stations offering yodeling lessons. Each station has something unique to offer. For example, station two is a hut shaped like a cowbell that features musical cowbells inside. On the other hand, station three has what is thought to be Austria’s largest alpine horn, the original medium of communication between mountain dwellers. Additionally, at many of the stations hikers can listen to clips of Austria’s best yodellers and try to mimic the sound.

The Yodel Hiking Trail can be completed independently or with a guide.

[Image via Shutterstock]