TSA Officers Fired After Stealing From Passengers

Have you ever arrived at your destination to find items missing from your suitcase and thought, “I wonder how that happened?” It turns out, you may have been a victim of TSA theft.

ABC News, as seen in the clip above, conducted an investigation into the security of airport screening stations. New figures show that 381 TSA officers have been fired after stealing from passengers and their luggage. The investigation tracked checked bags with iPads and cash, and also went through security checkpoints with these items in carry-on luggage.

In nine of ten cases, the items made it to their destination safely. But in Orlando, an iPad left behind ended up in the hands of a security officer. Using a device-tracking app on the iPad, investigators traced the iPad to the home of the security officer last seen with the device. After denying that he stole the item, the officer was caught red-handed when the alert for the device was heard from inside his home.

Thankfully, the officer has been terminated. We’re sure this will lead to further TSA investigations, but for now, we’d suggest putting valuable items in the safety of your well-guarded carry-on bag.