Japanese Firm Unveils Bomb-Detecting Departure Gate

Thanks to a new piece of technology created by Japanese firm Hitachi, airline passengers may soon by scanned for bombs as they swipe their boarding pass.

It is the world’s first explosive detecting departure gate, and works by blowing a puff of air on each passenger’s hand as they swipe their ticket. The air is then sucked back inside the machine along with any small particles from the person’s hand. In one to two seconds, the machine is able to read if the person has recently been in contact with any explosives.

“This allows screening of all passengers and can make air travel safer,” Mr. Minoru Sakairi told news.com.au.

The invention works well for detecting people who have non-metal-based bombs hidden on them. If it passes further testing, the machine will be used in addition to already in-place safety measures.

[Image via Hitachi]