Planning Now For A Holiday Getaway? 58% Of Travelers Aren’t

A new survey says that while 56% of travelers have begun saving for their holiday vacation, more than half will wait to find deals before booking a winter escape. Only 11% say they’ve actually booked their trips and have plans “locked down.”

The survey from, points out that 43% of customers actually say that they will not travel this holiday season, nearly double those expecting to travel more than 200 miles (28%).

Interesting notes from the study include:

  • Of those who responded that they weren’t traveling, 50% cite not enough vacation time, traveling with children, and expenses as deterrents from making travel plans.
  • Only 17 percent of consumers are able to take longer than a week of vacation for holiday travel.
  • Almost 60% of respondents said if they had the chance, they’d escape the urban jungle and go to a tropical paradise (43%), a snow-covered location (12%) or national park (5%).
  • Only 12% of those that responded will spend over $1,000 on holiday travel. 52% expect to spend between $100-1,000 on travel between now and the New Year.

Have you made your travel plans yet?

[Flickr via zoonabar]