Video: How To Take Great Long Exposure Night Photography

It seems travel and photography go hand-in-hand as we all strive to capture those perfect moments from our own personal journeys. While I’ve managed to improve my photography skills over the years, there are still a few experiences that have been beyond my meager abilities. Some of those have been elusive night shots, which often require planning and a great understanding of how your camera’s more advanced settings work.

If you’ve ever wondered how to capture beautiful night shots then the video below is certainly for you. It is a 20-minute “micro-documentary” from the talented photographers from Alpine Photography and it does an excellent job on explaining long exposure shots. If you’ve struggled with learning these skills in the past, the video can certainly be of assistance, but even if you have no real interest in photography at all, there are still plenty of beautiful images to enjoy.

Let there be light” from Kamil Tamiola on Vimeo.