United Reveals New Airport Lounge Design

There’s a new airport lounge concept coming to United Airlines, and it’s pretty dandy. The first showpiece in Terminal 2 of Chicago‘s O’Hare airport opens up on Thursday, the 20th of December, and the improvements over traditional clubs are dramatic.

Design facets of the club are a mixture of the Continental and United brands, folded into tones of travel and warmth. The spherical lights over the bar, for example, symbolize the updated company logo. Tables and lights are modeled after jet engines, while the swept ceiling looks like a wing. Even the bathrooms, which have 787 Dreamliner-style mirrors, reflect the airline’s livery.

United plans to open seven more clubs in San Diego, Seattle, Houston, London, San Francisco, Atlanta and Boston through the third quarter of 2014, and any remodels will hold this updated aesthetic. Take a look through the club in Chicago below.