Gadling Gear Review: Road ID Dog Tags

Sometimes I think about it before I step into the ocean with minimal belongings behind me on the beach. I have no ID on me. What if I’m knocked out by a rogue wave? There are lots of awful “what if” scenarios for solo travelers that involve being separated from our belongings and left to roam without identity. It’s a paranoia play, sure, but also a practical one that makes the Road ID tag a good idea.

Road ID makes tags for travelers (or any outdoor adventurers) that will help should you need to be identified. There are a couple of different styles: dog tags, bracelets, shoe tags and a neoprene ankle strap. (You can also get dog tags for your … dog.) The tag has enough space on it for your name, nationality, home city, and a few lines of critical information – contact numbers, medical conditions or allergies.

It’s simple enough to order these things, and they come in the mail a few days later. The basic model, the wrist strap, will set you back $15.99; on the higher end, the FIXX ID (military style dog tag) will cost you $24.99. With that you get a chain and a design on the back of the tag.

You don’t want to need to have this thing on you. But travelers with medical conditions have been wearing Medic Alert tags for eons now. An ID tag of some flavor is a nice, sensible addition to any traveler’s gear – and makes a great gift for the adventure traveler in your life.

[Photo by Road ID]