Photo Of The Day: Photographs In Chang Le

As travelers, we often enter communities, take photographs and then leave, content with the moments we have captured on film.

But what happens when a photographer returns and shares his photographs with their subjects? That’s what Flickr user Bernard-SD did after a recent trip to the Chang Le Village in Yunan Province, China. After snapping his images, he printed them to photographs using a Polaroid instant mobile printer, then distributed them to the people of Chang Le. On his Flickr feed, Bernard shares how one farmer couldn’t stop smiling after seeing photos of himself and his grandchildren. The farmer was so moved that he invited Bernard to his house for a home-cooked lunch of homegrown mushrooms, squash and vegetables.

It’s a touching story, and hopefully one that can inspire a greater connection with the people we photograph.Do you have any photos worth sharing? Upload your shots to the Gadling Flickr Pool and your image could be selected as our Photo of the Day.

[Photo Credit: Flickr user Bernard-SD]