New Travel TV For Adventure Junkies: ‘Reel Rock’

If you liked the REEL ROCK climbing and adventure tour, or you’re just a fan of hard knocks-style travel TV in the vein of “Man vs. Wild,” you’ll love this new TV series on Outside Television.

Produced by Emmy award winning filmmakers and backed by The North Face and Gore-Tex, this new weekly show takes footage from the 300-city tour and condenses the very best moments into a weekly TV program starting on January 23.

Each episode follows climbing and mountain adventurers as they attempt to scale the world’s most dizzying heights and scariest cliff faces – with varying degrees of success.

Shot entirely in high-definition, the show features pretty incredible scenery, including El Capitan in Yosemite, the north face of the Eiger in the Swiss Alps, and the ice-strewn Helmcken Falls deep in the Canadian Rockies.

“Our mission is to bring the transcendence of the outside world into people’s living rooms and immerse them into a state of majesty unlike anything they might have experienced before,” says Rob Faris, senior vice president of programming and production for Outside Television in a release. “We not only want to reward anyone who engages in rock climbing as a personal passion, but also inspire others to embrace the magnificence that mountain adventure uniquely possesses.”

We’re pretty sure we’ll tune in, at least for the first episode. The trailer (above) looks pretty cool.