Burning Goat Cheese Closes Tunnel In Norway

A truck full of burning goat cheese has shut down a tunnel near Tysfjord in northern Norway for several weeks, the BBC reports.

The fire happened last week and the tunnel remains closed thanks to the smoke from a 27-ton load of Brunost, a type of cheese rich in fat and caramelized sugar. Flickr user zabdiel, who provided this photo, compares Brunost to fudge.

It took firefighters five days to douse the flames and noxious smoke, and gases from the cheese will keep the tunnel closed for a few more weeks.

For more on Brunost, check out this article by the Nordic Nibbler.

Science homework: I can’t find any Brunost here in Spain (the Spanish being very nationalistic about their cheese and wine) but I’m sure at least one Gadling reader has access to some. Take a little bit on the end of a fork, light it on fire, and report in on the results. Enquiring minds want to know. Please do this outside and away from children.