Airports Introduce Teeny Hotel Suites For Delayed Travelers

Anyone who’s faced a delayed flight knows the agony of being trapped in an airport with thousands of other angry, frustrated passengers. Finding a quiet place to work or a comfortable seat in which to wait is near impossible, and if you’re stuck overnight, good luck getting to sleep on that cold, tiled floor.

One company has swooped in with a solution – mini hotel rooms where travelers waiting out delays can sleep, work or relax. The company behind the concept, Minute Suites, has already built the pod-like rooms at Atlanta and Philadelphia’s airports. Dallas-Fort Worth and Chicago O’Hare are next on the list.

At just 7 by 8 feet, the set up is small to say the least. One traveler told NPR the rooms were so tiny being in them was “like having an MRI done.” Still, the concept appeals to travelers who don’t want to exit the airport and go through the hassle of lining up at security all over again.The mini hotel rooms include a sofa bed with pillows and blankets, a desk where travelers can get work done, a TV and W-Fi. There’s also a sound system to help neutralize the airport noise and an all-important alarm clock to ensure travelers don’t miss their flight. Passengers who are anxious can also request a wake up call.

As the name “Minute Suites” implies, rates at the pod hotel are based on the clock – travelers are billed $32 for their first hour and $8 for every 15 minutes after that with discounts for longer stays.

[Photo credit: Flickr user Feline DaCat]